Hormonal/PCOS/Ovarian Cyst  Cleanse Kit

Hormonal/PCOS/Ovarian Cyst Cleanse Kit

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This kit was designed to help balance your hormones, one of the cleanse is average one month long. This cleanse is recommended to be used for 1 to  3 months for the best results. 

This package includes: 1 Hormonal tea, 1 yoni steam, 1 hormonal oil, 2 yoni pearls cleanse pack, 1 sample Meal plans. 

Who can use this package?

women suffering from Ovarian  Cyst, PCOS, No Menstrual cycle ( period keep skipping, no period in months) Constant hemorrhaging ( spotting, bleeding for months or weeks).

Natural products don't have side effects but if you are allergic to a herb you can have an allergic reaction. 

This package comes with all instructions and steps on how to use each and every item in the package. 

Frequent ask questions 

Question: I don't get a period, can I still use this?

Answer: Yes, you can. 



These items are herbs and is not scientifically proven to cure or prevent any illness.